Tour of Brasil

by kirtan-Jyoshna

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Love is a delightful stream that vibrates our body and makes us transcend the bonds of any pain and suffering. We melt into pure joy when we love fully. And in the same way technologies were developed in the West to relieve physical and mental suffering, the East has developed a powerful technology to access, expand, and express love: Kiirtan.
Kiirtan is the art of singing and dancing an acoustic array that resonates directly with the body and mental state we call love. And Jyoshna is a scientist of kiirtan. She mastered the art of composing, playing, singing and leading small or large groups to vibrate in ecstasy, feeling love in the form of music. She mastered this art because she practiced incessantly, because she dedicated her life to share kiirtan with the world, because she studied this art deeply.from a master who was in itself an expression of love: Anandamurtiiji.
So, being the scientist of Kiirtan, Jyoshna is a scientist of love. Using her knowledge and techniques and, more importantly, her devotion, she passed through Brazil as a hurricane in two consecutive tours in the same year (2011), and made people from different countries vibrate with a love that could not be kept within. At her side, I witnessed people cry with joy, sing enthusiastically in an explosion of complete happiness, and come to complete ecstasy, reaching a rare state of unity with the Greater Love. These are unique stories, whose account will never come close to what happened in real time. The best account is this album, which features songs composed by Jyoshna in Brazil, as Cavaquinho Kiirtan and Ecstasy Kiirtan, others that were a huge success among Brazilians, as Childrens Kiirtan March, and some composed by local partners, such as Brazilian musician Pradiipa (Travessia Kirtan) and the Argentinean Rajatarkrishna (Cajoiera de la libertad). If you trust in science to investigate the mysteries of human and nature, my advice is: trust in Jyoshna’s science and let your heart be opened and snatched with the nectar of infinite love. She knows what she does. Gustavo Prudente


released January 1, 2011

From Jyoshna: My deepest thanks, to Gustavo (Gurucaran), and Ramon (Dadao) who had total faith in the project from the start, without their endless support the tour would never have happened. There were many others who helped as well, some who I have named below and some who I haven’t. Please forgive me if you are one of them, sometimes we forget the most important people! My special thanks to all the organisers; dear friends and hosts for all their love and support especially Ranjani, Didi Anandamitra, Didi Anandajaya, Dharmayanti, Pradiip, Ju, Cinmayii, Liiladhara, Aradhana, Gandharii, Sutapa, Kaoshikii, Jayadeva, Geisa, Rodrigo, Nirmala, Jayadevi, Kalatiita, Kalyanika, Prashanti, Ajay, Sharada and Manfred, Sudama, Didi Aradhana, Renu, Maria, Deborah, Pranav, Jinaneshvar, Dharmamitra, Jemina, Devashish, Ajita, Henriqueta, Theresa, Eva, Jacque, Waldyr, Rucini and others; to the wonderful singers and musicians: Dadão, Samgiita, Pradiip, Shubhamaya, Anil, Indrajiit, Didi Aradhana, Anandi, Jesuway, Madhava, Indudevi, Deborah, Anjali, Mirabay, Madhuvani, Jim, Mr Singh, Helder Araújo, Radha and others; the photographers and film makers, especially Maniisha, Harideva, Leo, Carmina and others, and all of YOU who gave me gifts of love and energy, I will never forget you. Million thanks to my family, to Kavita my partner, and finally, my deepest inner Self, the Cosmic Magician, Baba. With love, Jyoshna



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kirtan-Jyoshna Auckland, New Zealand

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